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At Excel Martial Arts, we know you have choices. We know that after you see our programs and compare to the others, you'll be convinced to become a member and join us today.

Best in the Twin Cities Area

Operating for over 30 years in Woodbury, Excel Martial Arts has a proven track record for delivering high-quality martial arts training.

Certified Instructors

After many years of training testing and continuing education, all Excel instructors are certified by America’s major martial arts organizations.

State of the Art Training Facility

With one of the largest training areas in the country, Excel’s facility includes full locker rooms and shower facilities and a complete gear pro shop.

Family Oriented

With classes for all ages, training at home together becomes a great family activity to build family camaraderie along with helping each other to further develop skills.

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At Excel Martial Arts, we have a program for everyone. Check out the videos below for samples from a few of them.

Tigers Taekwondo

Ages 4-6

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Developed specifically for preschool children ages 4-6, Excel’s Tigers program not only offers children a strong foundation in character qualities such as respect and discipline, but also provides relational points students can identify with through the use of colorful characters. In addition, the program is designed to improve children’s motor skills and enhance their ability to focus and follow directions.


Juniors ages 7-12 / Teens & Adults Ages 13+

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Taekwondo is a great martial arts discipline for students of all ages. Classes are individualized by age and training level. They utilize traditional techniques to improve fitness, safety and self-confidence using the most safe and exciting instructional methods available for each particular age group. Training includes a strong cardiovascular workout, flexibility training and a high level of personal challenge.

Bullyproof/Jr. Grapplers

Junior Jiu Jitsu Training / Ages 8-15

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Bullies have been around since the beginning of civilization, and they aren't going away anytime soon, but a confident child is a bullyproof child. In the Gracie Bullyproof self-defense program, we will empower your child with unshakable confidence. They will learn the verbal strategies to stand up to bullies, and a series of non-violent self-defense techniques to keep them safe if they are physically attacked.

Gracie Combatives

Teens & Adults / Ages 16+

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In the late 1920s, Grand Master Helio Gracie created Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu after he realized that he was physically too frail to utilize the traditional Japanese techniques. Proven over the last 80 years to be the most reliable system for a smaller person to defeat a larger, more athletic opponent, the techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu are based on precise timing and effective use of leverage so that virtually anyone can do them regardless of their size or athletic ability.

Gracie Women Empowered

Teen & Adults (Women Only) / Ages 13+

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One woman is assaulted every 6 minutes in the U.S. Self-defense is a mindset and it begins with the idea that you are worth defending. Women Empowered enables you to survive an attack by a larger, stronger assailant. From the very first lesson, the simplicity and effectiveness of the techniques will amaze you, and by the end of the program, you will be able to use awareness, leverage, and proper timing to escape from seemingly hopeless situations.



Teens & Adults / Ages 16+

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What makes Excel Kickboxing exceed other programs? Highly trained Black Belt instructors and boxing mixed with martial arts techniques and self-defense practices for exciting workouts. Our programs progress with each individual student’s physical abilities. Strength, flexibility and balance improvement are key elements of the program while weight loss and integrated self-defense knowledge are consequential.



Leah G.

Good morning, I wanted to express my gratitude for your black belt leaders and other staff in the Tiger program. They are some of the most amazing people. My kiddos love coming to class, and the difference I have seen in both is incredible. My high energy 4 year old still works on focus, but his discipline involving his actions and attitude is a complete 180 from when we started only a few months ago. I have never seen such self respect and drive in my 6 year old either. She was presented with an award last night that took her completely by surprise, and you would not believe the pride in her face when she showed me. Your staff is such a gift, and I just wanted to say thank you so much to you and to all of them!

Randy L.

Great people! Real world skills taught. Compared to other activities a good value too

Kay E.

My Daughter loves the Tiger program. It is wonderful to see her gain confidence as she has advanced in the class. All of the teachers have been great and are able to keep the kids motivated

Lee K.

Awesome what else do I need to say about this place.

Dave K.

Great with the kids. They work them hard and hold them accountable for their behavior. Instructors are knowledgeable and friendly.

Julie C.

My son attends excel and loves it. The instructors are great and help kids with all skill levels.

Meg W.

This is one of the best training academy's cause you go at your own speed and everyone is there to help. :)

Chris S.

If you are looking for a school that focuses on technique and real life defense tactics, while making you feel welcomed, this is the place to go.

Melanie R.

We love Excel and all of the Instructors!

Angela N.

My daughter has been attending Excel Martial Arts Academy Inc in Woodbury for at least 3-4 years! And she loves it and I think it is a great place to teach her confidence and of course self defense. I would recommend this center to everyone, but I must say I would love to keep this gem small but I also know they need new kids to teach! Mr Niska is a wonderful teacher his energy is Great!!!!!!

Jonathan K.

The experience was awesome and I really enjoyed the owners Mr Niska and Ms K. Mr Niska taught the Gracie classes and was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain each of the techniques along with details above and beyond the basics. The structure of the classes allows you to learn the basics of the technique, practice the techniques collaboratively with a partner, and then practice the techniques with resistance. Can't compliment this school enough.

Chris B.

Very happy customer for many years now. My son has received excellent instruction from a very dedicated staff, led by Master Niska. I would highly recommend to others looking for an awesome school in the East metro area.